AI Features to Make You Hyper-Productive

Today, it's pretty rare to come across a productivity tool that doesn't incorporate AI features to help you achieve more, and Living Spec is no exception. We have embarked on a journey to leverage AI—not to replace you, but to reduce your friction and improve your productivity while using Living Spec.

Sentence Auto-Completion Suggestions

As you type a sentence in Living Spec, you may receive suggestions to help you complete it. These suggestions offer an array of benefits, from reducing cognitive load and overcoming writer's block to broadening your vocabulary. Our aim is to enhance your writing experience and minimize interruptions and annoyances as you grow your content and documents within Living Spec. Therefore, we only show autocomplete suggestions under certain circumstances:

Sentence Auto-Completion

  • Your paragraph, list, or table cell already contains some content, so we can infer a useful context for the completion.
  • You have paused typing for at least a small burst of time.
  • Your cursor is at the end of the paragraph, list, or table cell.

These suggestions appear in a small box labeled AI. You can add them to your sentence using one of these actions:

  • press the Tab key or the right arrow key
  • click or tap directly on the suggestion
  • typing the first character of the recommended phrase will insert it into your sentence with one less character.

All other user interactions, such as typing different characters or clicking elsewhere, will hide the suggestion box.

If you do not like this feature, you can disable it via the AI toolbar.

Dictate Your Ideas.

In the early days of dictation features, I would often scoff at their utility, as I would spend more time cleaning up incorrect words than it would take to just write the sentences from scratch. The world has changed, and the accuracy of speech-to-text AI is astonishingly strong.

One way to reduce friction is to speak your ideas directly into a Living Spec page. Simply press the microphone button to begin dictating text. Once you stop speaking for a few seconds, you'll see a transcript of your words. Or press the microphone button again to stop recording.

Dictate Your Ideas

There are many future possibilities for us to explore, from voice commands to switching pages to providing support in a variety of environments, such as your watch or phone, and then adding the transcript to the right place within Living Spec!

Speech-to-text works across all browsers and is effective even with distracting background noise.


We often record Zoom calls or Loom videos or capture quick ideas as voice memos for future reference. Now, when you upload these audio files to Living Spec, you can generate a transcript that can be easily included in your spec. This highly requested feature has been in high demand since our inception. While there are some limitations on file types and sizes, the transcription functionality works for dozens of languages and dialects.

There may be plenty of services that provide speech-to-text, but having the ability to transcribe within the context of your spec documentation is a big win. Experience capturing and preserving valuable insights, discussions, and ideas within Living Spec.


Chat Assistant

You've probably used ChatGPT, and you've maybe watched the Deep Learning episode of South Park. We now bring the power of ChatGPT to your Living Spec. Located in the right-side AI toolbar, you can prompt ChatGPT to make improvements in the context of your Living Spec document!

We're still exploring ways in which this chat assistant can provide maximum value to you. This feature is currently available for some users and will be available for all users by the end of July, 2023.

Chat Assistant

Verify All AI Results

As a reminder, AI is a tool, but, it is not a replacement for you. At a minimum, you should verify everything AI produces to ensure accuracy. We'll soon explore some AI adventures gone wrong!

What's Next?

Our commitment to leveraging AI to enhance productivity doesn't stop here. The next few AI-powered features are likely as follows:

  • Classification and Tagging: Auto-generate tags based on content, improving searchability and organization.
  • Refined Search: Enhance search functionality for more accurate and comprehensive results.
  • Transcribe Email Parsing: Add the option to auto-transcribe audio and video files imported via email.

In addition, we are actively developing a range of non-AI-powered features that are designed to significantly boost your productivity! 🚀

Try Living Spec's AI Features Today and Share Your Feedback

We invite you to explore these features within Living Spec and provide us with your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Note that some AI features may have limited availability for free accounts, so this may be a great opportunity to choose one of our paid plans.

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