Introducing Living Spec Comments and Feedback

We’re excited to announce the initial release of the most requested Living Spec feature in 2023: Feedback and Comments! 💬🗣️

Previously, comments could be added to tasks or as content within a page, but there was no easy way to provide feedback about a page and discuss those changes without modifying the page content directly.

We intentionally waited on this feature for two reasons:

  • Comments could be added by modifying content on-page, making it less critical compared to other impossible features.
  • We’re not a huge fan of waking up to a wall of comments to address without some way to accept or reject them.

Building an elegant feature often requires starting somewhere and iterating. For now, we've begun with the simplicity of highlighting text on a page and creating a comment.

In the right-side toolbar, there's a new feedback section displaying all comments for the active page. It’s also easy to reply to comments and mark them as resolved.

Comments can also be made on a page. Open the right-side page toolbar and choose the comments tab. These comments are intended to be notes about the page without modifying the content shown in the page.


Next Steps

We have some more ambitious plans for providing reviews and feedback across pages and allowing users to suggest a diff of changes. However, for now, we're excited to release our comments feature and eagerly await your feedback (pun intended). We also plan to introduce the option to allow users to only provide feedback.

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