Evolution of Super Mario

This year the Super Mario Bros. Movie became the most successful video game movie, bringing nostalgic memories of our childhood when many of us played the various Super Mario games created over the past 40 years. We are still familiar with Mario and his brother Luigi, the damsel in distress Peach, and the main antagonist Bowser.

In the Super Mario Bros. movie, as Mario enters the Mushroom Kingdom ruled by Princess Peach and Luigi landed on the Dark Lands ruled by Bowser, we observe many of the items and the concepts of some Super Mario franchise in the movie.

Disclaimer: Living Spec is not affiliated with Nintendo or Super Mario Bros. This is simply a fun example exploring how a team might plan and create such a game.

Keeping track of all the details of a product can be daunting, especially over 40+years of various games, movies, and more. Living Spec can help make this easier for you.

A new Living Spec example provides an overview of the different Super Mario games from the launch of Donkey Kong in 1981 until now. It provides a comprehensive look at the evolution of the series including a variety of different game play styles.

Super Mario Living Spec Example Document

Cross Reference the Universe

As you'll see in this example, while technology and game play change, Super Mario retains its core elements of platforming, exploration, and collecting power-ups. We also see how they improve the characters of the game, the worlds they explore, and the challenges as they face the enemies of the games.

Some of Living Spec's features such as easy cross-references and links, referencing images and other resources, and a dynamically generated context graph make it easier to track the Super Mario universe in one place, creating a comprehensive overview of the series.

Super Mario Living Spec Context Map

Living Spec help teams document, track, and visualize changes in a product over time.

The Super Mario franchise is a testament to the creativity and innovation of Nintendo. It is a series that has constantly evolved over the years, while still retaining its core elements of fun and excitement. The franchise is sure to continue to entertain gamers for many years to come.

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