From Chit Chat to Action That

In the world of product and project development, productivity is the cornerstone of success.

Surprisingly, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, productivity surged by 4.9% in 2020, a significant contrast to the 2.4% average of the previous 15 years.

In 2023, productivity is stabilizing, but at least one challenge persists: managing vast amounts of information. 85% of employees spend up to two hours per data searching for relevant work-related data, halting decision-making and efficient product creation.

One of the many ways you can combat this? By growing a well-structured collection of information, often called a knowledge base or second brain. This can help to house 🔒 🏠 essential data, from insights to guidelines to best practices, and it's where Living Spec's feature, inspired by the Zettelkasten Method, can be very handy.

In case you're new or missed it, check out our Zettelkasten blog post , sharing information about why your product teams might want to consider it.

Now, here are 3 powerful ways to harness Zettelkasten (or any other linked productivity solution) with Living Spec:

Overwhelmed Feeling

Plant the Seed: Create Your Atomic Note

The Zettelkasten method encourages crafting atomic notes, the foundation for your digital knowledge base. Think of them as seeds that grow into a thriving ecosystem of insights.

To begin, sign up on Living Spec and create a blank document—the seed of your knowledge garden. Unlock your dedicated space and jot down your first atomic note.

Plant the Seed

Expand your initial atomic note by adding smaller details or more ideas and turning them into specialized pages called Specs.

🙋🏽‍♀️ Pro tip from an educator's point of view: Smaller pieces of information are easier to remember, fostering efficient learning and teamwork.

To create a fresh Spec, simply highlight content and use the toolbar. These Specs and their components form an interconnected web of knowledge. Your tree map items act as portals, allowing easy access to information.

Cultivate Connections

Nurture Growth: Tailor and Navigate

Transform small ideas and pages into actionable items directly from your working Living Spec. Highlight the content you like and click Convert to Task. Living Spec's tagging system effectively groups and categorizes content, enhancing organization and navigation. As you move across pages and Specs, the task panel follows, allowing you to explore other parts of your spec while remaining in the context of a task.

Nurture Growth

By using Living Spec's Zettelkasten Method-inspired features, you cultivate a second brain, elevating productivity to new heights. Explore, connect, and personalize your knowledge base seamlessly. Create your Living Spec account today and start growing your knowledge garden.

Sign Up to Get Early Access

Start using Living Spec for free and try it out with a few people on your team. Upgrade to a paid plan only when you're ready.
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