Going Back in Time

We're thrilled to introduce another exciting update: the ability to time travel by rolling back to previous page versions! 🔄

At Living Spec, we understand how important it is to revert to a previous version of information, whether it's due to accidental deletions, errors, or simply being unhappy with recent changes by you or other collaborators. In the past, this would have meant remembering what the previous version contained, but not anymore.

With our latest feature, users have the freedom to roll back to any previous version of a page, providing flexibility and control to you.

Rich text editors can also be particularly brittle and sometimes end up in an unexpected error state. You can now fix this issue by rolling back to a previous version of your page.

Note: We have plans in the future to rollback across an entire spec, but for now and for simplicity, rollback is limited to a single page.

Here's how it works:

  • Access a list of all available page versions.
  • Select the version to restore.
  • Voila, the system rolls back the current page to the chosen version.

This new Time Travel feature helps users maintain the integrity of their work and make changes confidently, knowing they can always go back to a previous state if needed.

See the differences

See The Difference

To further enhance your experience, the Time Travel update is accompanied by the Activities Diff feature, allowing you to:

  • Compare changes with a 'before and after' view.
  • Track edits over time for a clear understanding of your spec page's evolution at a glance.

What's ahead?

We are working on implementing a color-coded diff system for rich content changed within a spec. This enhancement will make it even easier for you to spot and understand specific changes within your page. Stay tuned for this upcoming update!

Embrace the Living Spec Experience and Be In Control

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If you've already experienced the confidence of undoing and redoing your work with ease on our platform, consider subscribing to the SpecCer or SpecTacular plan to unlock even more features that can boost your workflow! 😊

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