Introducing Account Fusion

Living Spec unveiled Account Fusion, a multi-user access feature, resolving the longstanding permissions challenges faced by platforms like Google Docs.

To better understand and leverage this new exciting feature, it's important to first clarify the difference between accounts and aliases within the platform:

  • Accounts: Within your Living Spec profile, each account functions as an individual user. For example, you might have separate accounts for work and for personal use.
  • Aliases: Aliases refer to alternative email addresses associated with a single account. For instance, if you have both [email protected] and [email protected], you can designate one as an alias. This allows you to treat both email addresses as a unified account.

  Accounts vs. Aliases

Note: these are not real email addresses, so don't use these to contact Dylan. 😂

By making a clear distinction between accounts and aliases, Living Spec gives you the ability to tailor your experience to your convenience. You can now simplify your interactions within the platform by managing different aspects of your digital life in a more unified way.

Adding Accounts and Email Aliases to Your Living Spec Profile

Account Fusion allows you to add additional accounts and email aliases to your profile. With this feature, accepting document invitations becomes more flexible. Now, any of your accounts can accept an invite as long as the email address matches any of your registered emails.

For example, let’s say one of your friends sends you a personal invitation to your work email. Previously, trying to accept the invite while logged in with your personal email would give you an error. You’d have to switch to your work account or ask your friend to resend the invitation to your personal email.

However, with the latest update you now have two options:

  • Adding an email address: If the invite is sent to an email address that isn’t linked to your profile, you can now easily add that email to your account and then use it to verify your access.
  • Choosing an account: If the invite corresponds to an email address already registered to your profile, you can now choose which account you’d like to use to accept the invitation. For instance, if you receive a personal invite, you can accept it using your personal address instead of your work address. (Note: Companies may in the future impose restrictions on redirecting invites to documents from the same domain.)

  Accounts and Aliases

Combining Existing Accounts Using a Transfer Code

If you currently maintain multiple separate Living Spec accounts, you now have the option to merge them into a single profile. To do that, simply use the transfer code in your profile provided by Living Spec to pass on access from one account to another. Note: Know that sharing an account credential with multiple individuals is not recommended. As of now, it is not yet possible to share an account across multiple profiles. For example, if you have a default contact account used for creating and sharing public-facing documentation, it should not be combined into an individual user's profile.

Multiple Options for Logging In

  Password and/or Google SSO

Additionally, Living Spec now supports logging in with both Google Single Sign-On (SSO) and a password using the same email address. This means that if you initially logged in with Google, you now have the freedom to set a password by selecting the "Forgot password" option. Future updates will introduce support for Apple and Okta SSO, as well as other providers.

  Multiple User Management

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