Personal vs. Document Tags

In 2023, Living Spec introduced Document Tags, which allow you and your team to organize information with a shared set of tags defined on the document level. While this was well received, several things were missing.

We've now added Personal Tags, which allow you to organize your information in a way that makes sense to you, even on documents where you're only a reader, with a set of tags shared across all of your documents. Document and personal tags can be used in parallel, and you can use the same tag name for both document and personal tags if you wish.

Personal Tags

Unlike Document tags, Personal Tags are private, ensuring the way you manage or classify your data doesn't impact others. And given that Personal Tags work across documents, you can use them to group your documents in the search areas of your Living Spec Dashboards.

Similar to Document tags, you can disable a tag to prevent further use, add/remove existing tags from Documents, Pages, Tasks, and Files, and also add new tags on the fly or as you go.

Personal tags are available as part of your search criteria, but they are not available in Dynamic Pages. Currently, we think of a Dynamic Page as presenting the same information for all users within a document but dynamically generated based on search and filters. We have not decided if we will add Personal Tags to Dynamic Pages in the future, as we need to think through the usability implications.

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