Privacy vs. Convenience

At Living Spec, we default to privacy first.

For example, when you share a URL, if you're not logged into Living Spec or if you don't have permission to view the document, you'll see a very generic preview when viewing the link in Slack or other services, such as this:


Similarly, when you receive email notifications from Living Spec, we don't include much detail in the email, so you can't tell anything about the document without clicking the link.

This can be a bit inconvenient when all of your links and emails look the same, so we've started giving you control over how much information to share.

Sharing Metadata

Sharing Metadata

When you share a link to a document, you can now choose to share the title of the document and its pages, tasks, and files.

In the future, we'll allow you to provide a description, featured image, and more. We'll also give you control over how much information to share in notification emails.

To enable the sharing of metadata, simply choose the Link Sharing option under the Document toolbar. For now, it's a simple toggle, with more options coming soon.

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