We ReSpeCt You.

Living Spec respects your humanity, your time, your intelligence, your data, and your privacy.

We talk a lot about our efforts toward finding hyper-efficient ways to collaborate and build products. But it would be pretty pointless to then turn around and waste your time.

For example, when you sign up for a new service, how many annoying, off-the-mark reminder emails do you get? 5, 10, 20? With Living Spec, you’ll typically get one to verify your account and one if you were invited by someone to a Living Spec document.

If you opt-in to our newsletter, we’ll send you an email at most once a month, but only when we have interesting things to share that we believe genuinely benefit you, such as product improvements, special offers, community events, etc. We never sell your info or data; we don’t badger you with an onslaught of disingenuous emails.

We respect that you are a human learning about our product. We create content for you, not for SEO or bots to consume. We draft content as concisely as we can to save you time.

We don’t claim to offer AI solutions that can automate all of your work because we know you care about quality and details. Instead, we focus on AI as a form of Automation Intelligence, where we can reliably repeat a task to save you time, such as speech-to-text or sentence auto-completion.

We don’t send all of your data to an AI LLM; we only send the minimal amount needed. And we’re striving to deliver sandboxed LLMs later this year at an affordable price. We don’t want to train your competitor’s product on the back of your work.

Your data is your data. We run algorithms against it to make life easier for you, but at any time, you can request a full backup of all of your data.

You’ll also notice our home page is NOT plastered with logos. We often laugh at the fact that Slack and Figma must use every product on the planet, given how prominent their logos are on nearly every product website.

We’re not perfect. We won’t sell you something we cannot offer. We’ll be honest about when we can actually deliver an enhancement or bug fix. We do our best to price fairly, so we can sustain our business and offer the best product possible to you.

And in the product we build for you, we give the same attention and care to the product as we do to reSpeCt you. As long as you tolerate our bad Spec puns, we’ll continue to do our best to reSpeCt you and your time.

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