Virtually Replicate Valuable In-Person Casual Chats

Have you ever had a breakthrough idea while chatting with a colleague over coffee or during a watercooler encounter? Small conversations and informal chats are often overlooked, but they are usually the catalysts for driving innovation.

Apart from that, 77% of participants in a workplace survey agreed that office chit-chats strengthen office relationships, creating an ideal environment for product teams.

However, with the rise of remote work, opportunities for these informal but idea-generating talks have become increasingly limited. Remote product teams face unique challenges when it comes to mimicking the experience of face-to-face small talks, such as time zone differences and communication barriers. As a result, teams can lose valuable insights and ideas. Discover 3 ways to recreate the experience of small conversations with your product development teammates as you virtually collaborate on your technical documents.

1. Infuse your tech documents with personality and humor using emojis

Did you know that simply using emojis can have a positive impact on your team's creativity and collaboration? A study from Adobe confirmed that 73% of respondents view the use of emojis as a way to appear cooler, friendlier, and more humorous - plus, emojis can enhance communication and understanding.

🙅‍♂️But they don't have to live only on your chat tools.

Apart from Slack, another way to integrate emojis in a remote work setting is by adding them into your Living Spec documents. This approach can help add a touch of personality to dry technical documents and make them more engaging for your product team members. Emojis can also be a useful shorthand for sharing ideas and can help product teams quickly understand important concepts or identify key information in the document. By adding emojis to your technical documents, you can excite and energize your product team about that new project!

Emojis in page titles

2. Instant and informal discussions, anywhere and anytime

Mimic in-person small chats among remote product teams using real-time commenting or feedback tools on shared documents to welcome the share early, share often, even if imperfect strategy.

By using a collaborative app, such as Living Spec, stakeholders involved in your project can communicate fresh insights while working on the same document simultaneously, adding comments and feedback as they go. This approach promotes instant, informal discussions, replicating the experience of in-person small chats. Our collaborative tool's on-the-spot commenting and feedback features enable team members to bounce ideas off each other and provide input in real-time. You'll get to witness the evolution of your Specs as they progress!

Emojis in chat

3. A picture is worth a thousand words; show, don't just tell.

Conveying complex ideas and concepts through text alone can feel impossible, especially when it comes to remote collaboration among product teams. That's where the visuals come in. By incorporating images into your discussions and technical documents, you can provide valuable context and help your team members better understand your perspective.

It can be sweat-free!

Visualize an iPod

Build a Living Spec that represents the look and feel of your next launched product by simply dragging and dropping or copying and pasting screenshots, diagrams, and other visual aids into your documents. This approach can make discussions more efficient and productive by reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and confusion. Plus, visual aids can also help spark new ideas and perspectives among team members. Seeing a concept represented in a new way can prompt team members to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems.

Working remotely is not an excuse to sacrifice the value of those small, informal conversations that often lead to big breakthroughs. Find out how Living Spec can help your product team recreate the experience of those small chats and drive innovation forward, even from a distance.

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