Streamline Repetition with Snippets

We often find ourselves creating a common set of documents such as sprint plans or use cases. Living Spec has two features to help you streamline this process: Snippets and Dynamic Pages.

Snippets are lightweight templates, e.g. sections of a page, where you can save a common structural pattern, save and edit it for reuse, and share it with your team.

Living Spec Snippet Functions

Seamlessly integrated into Living Spec's toolbar, inserting Snippets is a breeze. They ensure consistency and coherence in your structure, fostering a unified approach.

Snippets are intentionally simple within Living Spec, so they do not currently include child pages or tasks or span multiple pages. We will introduce more complex snippets and cloning in the future.

Snippets can then be viewed, edited, cloned, and shared within the Living Spec Snippets dashboard.

Living Spec Snippet Dashboard

Flexibility at Your Fingertips with Living Spec's Snippets Function

Snippets in Living Spec enhance collaboration and documentation by providing reusability, flexibility, and improved overviews. With Snippets as a guide, you and your product or project team can streamline workflows, improve communication, and achieve greater productivity.

Dynamic pages are another new feature in Living Spec which we will cover in more detail elsewhere. Dynamic pages make it easy to specify a set of criteria for each section within a page, and dynamically populate that page based on the matching criteria.

Ready to reap the personal and collective benefits of Snippets? Sign up for a free Living Spec trial and become the maestro of your team's success. Join our co-creating community and start producing Snippets that might just take your organization's efficiency to a whole new level Create, collaborate, and conquer!

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