One Week with the Apple Vision Pro

After just one week with the Apple Vision Pro, we remain blown away by how much polish and thought Apple put into this device.

General Thoughts

The Vision Pro is going to significantly change how we interact with software and computers going forward. We've started adding our notes and observations to a Vision Pro Living Spec.

Thus far, we've added notes on some of the more impressive demos we've observed and the relatively few imperfections I've noticed; this list is incredibly short given how many things I've tried!

Living Spec and the Vision Pro

Prior to launch, I was using the Vision Pro emulator to test Living Spec within the device's Safari browser. While things generally work fine on both the emulator and the real device, they do not behave the same, and there are some imperfections we'll need to address shortly.

For example, the Vision Pro has a very useful floating toolbar when interacting with text, and so does Living Spec. Unfortunately, both Apple and Living Spec seem to use the same algorithm for where to place the toolbar, and Apple's toolbar wins.

We had fun making a quick Vision Pro Living Spec demo video showing my interactions with Living Spec within Safari.

Your App, Living Spec, and the Vision Pro

We realize how incredibly fortunate we are to have early access to this device, and we understand that most development teams will not have access to the device for quite a while.

Given that the behavior of the Vision Pro emulator and the real device are not identical, we want to make you an offer: You try our product and subscribe, and we'll try your app on the Vision Pro (web app or iOS app)! The offer:

  • Pay for 12 months of the Living SpecCer plan, and we'll record a short video using your app on the Vision Pro and make a short list on Living Spec of any issues we find. You may also use the video for your own marketing purposes
  • Pay for 12 months of the Living SpecTacular plan, and in addition to the SpecCer plan, we'll also have a 30-minute Zoom call with your team from the device, sharing the screen and showing how your app behaves on the Vision Pro.
  • This is a limited-time offer, and we reserve the right to end the offer at any time.

Get Started

For both offers, you need to do the following:

Sign Up to Get Access

Start using Living Spec for free and try it out with a few people on your team.
Upgrade to a paid plan only when you're ready.
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