Your Brain in the Clouds

Sharing our most recent tagline change to Your Brain in the Clouds, we believe that it captures the essence of Living Spec's support in defining and organizing information for your products and projects. But that's not all—we also believe in having fun!

Check out this fun-filled weekend project we made in collaboration with a group of talented performers from Aerial Ovation, where we collaborated to create an exciting Living Spec video—something out of the box.

In this video, you'll witness the performers falling from the sky to the desk—not edited, but a real spectacle.

Well, only the clouds are digitally enhanced. You'll also get to hear more about the app from Dylan Schiemann (me, the co-founder of Living Spec) and my 9-year-old son, Otto, who is learning to code and is also an avid soccer player.

We value your support! Please subscribe, like, and share the video to help us empower more product and project teams and bring their visions to life. And give Living Spec a try!

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