Connecting your workflow instead of isolating it

How long have you spent building your workflow? How much money and sanity have you invested in it?

Search Customization and Control

When working on a big project or storing data, quickly locating your digital resources, such as documents, specs, notes, or files, is crucial, especially as your work gets bigger and ideas evolve.

From Inception to Epilogue

Christopher Nolan's Inception, released in 2010, stands out as a thought-provoking film that explores the complexities of dreams and reality. This sci-fi thriller challenges traditional storytelling by blurring the lines between what is real and what is imagined.

Going Back in Time

We're thrilled to introduce another exciting update: the ability to time travel by rolling back to previous page versions! 🔄

Living Spec at the CityJS London 2024

The Living Spec team recently attended CityJS London 2024 at the Royal Geographical Society.

Make Meetings More Manageable

Being part of a product or project team means understanding the importance of efficient meetings.

We ReSpeCt You.

Living Spec respects your humanity, your time, your intelligence, your data, and your privacy.

Introducing Living Spec Comments and Feedback

We’re excited to announce the initial release of the most requested Living Spec feature in 2023: Feedback and Comments! 💬🗣️

Iterating on Your Next Big Idea

Whether it's a new product, a new feature, or a new way of doing things, iterating on your next big idea is a critical part of the innovation process.

One Week with the Apple Vision Pro

After just one week with the Apple Vision Pro, we remain blown away by how much polish and thought Apple put into this device.

Quick Task Assignment

We're constantly looking for ways to make you more efficient within Living Spec.

Personal vs. Document Tags

In 2023, Living Spec introduced Document Tags, which allow you and your team to organize information with a shared set of tags defined on the document level. While this was well received, several things were missing.


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