AI Gone Wrong Part 2

You're facing another key deadline and ask ChatGPT for help. You're in a hurry, you didn't learn your lesson from last time. what could go wrong?

Your Next Breakthrough Idea

Are you struggling to effectively collaborate and define complex products within your team or organization? Do you find it challenging to maintain a shared vision and ensure clarity among team members during the product definition process?

Streamline Repetition with Snippets

We often find ourselves creating a common set of documents such as sprint plans or use cases. Living Spec has two features to help you streamline this process: Snippets and Dynamic Pages.

Evolution of Super Mario

This year the Super Mario Bros. Movie became the most successful video game movie, bringing nostalgic memories of our childhood when many of us played the various Super Mario games created over the past 40 years. We are still familiar with Mario and his brother Luigi, the damsel in distress Peach, and the main antagonist Bowser.

AI Gone Wrong Part 1

You're facing a key deadline and ask ChatGPT for help. You're in a hurry, what could go wrong?

AI Features to Make You Hyper-Productive

Today, it's pretty rare to come across a productivity tool that doesn't incorporate AI features to help you achieve more, and Living Spec is no exception. We have embarked on a journey to leverage AI—not to replace you, but to reduce your friction and improve your productivity while using Living Spec.

Your Brain in the Clouds

Sharing our most recent tagline change to Your Brain in the Clouds, we believe that it captures the essence of Living Spec's support in defining and organizing information for your products and projects. But that's not all—we also believe in having fun!

Solving Problems for good with Root Cause Analysis

Tired of dealing with the same project or product issues over and over again? Are you looking for a way to solve problems at their roots instead of just putting out fires?

Introducing Account Fusion

Living Spec unveiled Account Fusion, a multi-user access feature, resolving the longstanding permissions challenges faced by platforms like Google Docs.

Collaborate Like Mario

Picture this: you're back in the early 1980s and you're working for game creator Nintendo. You successfully released Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. as arcade games. Inspired by Atari and Colecovision, your team starts working on the first generation Nintendo Entertainment System. Your given the goal of coming up with an amazing sequel that showcases the amazing capabilities of the NES.

Feedback is Your Friend

"The user interface is confusing and unintuitive. I couldn't figure out how to perform basic tasks, and it took me way too long to get started."

Zettelkasten From Messy Ideas to Product Success

If you ever find yourself lost in a sea of ideas, know that you are never alone. In the realms of product and project development, the conceptualization and execution processes can be incredibly complex and may involve a lot of moving parts.

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