AI: Reduce friction, increase productivity

🚀🤖 Many companies are introducing AI-based tools. At Living Spec, our preliminary AI journey focuses on reducing your friction when using the platform and increasing your productivity.

AI-powered sentence completion suggestions

Complete your thoughts

With AI-powered suggestions

As you type, AI can often predict the remainder of your thoughts.

With our AI-powered sentence completion suggestions, when you pause your typing, we'll suggest the remainder of your thoughts. If you like the suggestion, you can accept it and move on. If you don't like the suggestion, you can ignore it and keep typing.


Dictate your ideas

Speak your thoughts and let Living Spec convert them to text

Sometimes you have a thought that you want to capture but you don't feel like typing. With our dictation feature, you can speak your thoughts and let Living Spec convert them to text. Simply press the microphone button in the editor toolbar and start speaking. When you pause for a few seconds we'll convert the content to text!

Dictation works great in noisy environments, across dozens of languages and accents, and even when accompanied by music.


Transcribe your recordings

Audio or video

Have a recording from a Zoom call or a Loom video? Upload it to Living Spec and we'll automatically transcribe it for you!

While there are many services that will transcribe your audio or video, Living Spec will automatically link the transcription to the original recording, and allow you to edit the transcription in context of your ongoing product details.

Chat prompts

Chat for assistance

A chat assistant to help you capture and iterate on your thoughts

We now include Chat prompts powered by ChatGPT to help you capture, iterate, and refine your thoughts in the context of your Spec Document.

There are many possibilities here that we're only starting to explore, but prompts can help you organize your content, streamline your details, and more.

🚀🤖 We're just getting started with AI. We're excited to see how we can make you more productive and reduce your friction when using Living Spec. If you have suggestions, let us know. Also if you do not wish to use these AI features, there are options to disable them for your account.

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