Cloning Living Spec Documents

👋 To help get you started, Living Spec provides a growing collection of example documents to clone and experiment with the Living Spec platform.

Clone Existing Documents

Replicate Existing Documents

We’re seeing double

Soon you’ll be able to duplicate any existing document while preserving pages, tasks and files. A perfect way to iterate, edit, and share your Living Spec in a non-destructive way!

Fun Examples

Fun Examples

Get inspired by creative works in progress

We’ll show you how fun they can be using unofficial mock specs for the likes of Wordle, Among Us and the original iPod.

These work-in-progress specs reinforce the reality of collaborative spec writing and product creation. It is important to write things down first and iterate towards perfection over time.

Industry Formats

Industry Formats

Learn from the ecosystem

Our latest example spec document is an RFC template based on surveying a large amount of public information about organizations and projects that use an RFC process to propose new features.

We'll continue adding more formats to help you create a better information architecture for your team over time. Or simply create your own smaller structure and reuse it with our Snippets.

Bonus tip: Clone your own documents! Stay tuned. Living Spec will soon support the option to fully clone your existing documents. This will make it easy to provide your own templates for your team or quickly replicate an existing document to share with a different group of users.

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