Collaborative Document Tree

📑 🔗 Each Living Spec document is a collaboration tree of pages, tasks, files, comments, links, and users.

New Pages

Easily Create New Pages

In the right context

Spec documents often get long and difficult to read. With Living Spec you easily create new pages by highlighting text and converting it to a page, or highlighting some text and moving it to a new page.


Tasks live in the context of your spec

Not separately

Tasks live within the context of your spec, making it easy to measure progress within the scope of your work. Tasks often become useful specs of their own, so Living Spec makes it easy to evolve a task to its own spec page, updating all references to the task to the new page.

Collaborative Document Tree

Easy to reference

Create cross-references between spec features

Cross-referencing is common with collaborative specs. With Living Spec you press # and then type the name of an existing task or page and add a link, or @ to mention a user.

Bonus tip: Live Sync mode!You might lose context with the presenter when working remotely via a Zoom call. Use our Live Sync mode to follow the speaker so you can more easily collaborate. Sync pauses when you start typing, and it's easy to resume the sync to keep your team literally on the same page.

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