Context and Aggregation

The bigger and more complex a product gets, the more challenging it becomes to understand details and their context.

Living Spec provides tools and visualizations to better understand the context of a feature, and also aggregation, to help understand the potential impact of a change or bug.

Together, context and aggregation help you understand both the big picture and the small details, and complete products more efficiently.

Context Graph

Auto-generated Context Graph

Instant visualization and navigation

In Living Spec, your product's structure and connections are automatically visualized from the added elements in your spec document. As you create and modify and connect your ideas together, Living Spec's system dynamically analyzes, presenting you with a graph.

There are several ways to access context graphs. Firstly, from the dashboard, you can click on "Context" on the main side sidebar. You'll be taken to a section where you can choose the document you want to view the graph for. Alternatively, you can also access the smaller versions from the right-side sidebar focused on the current context, where you'll conveniently find graphs for your Current Tasks, Dynamic Pages, Documents, and Files.

You can customize filtering options to view the most relevant information and also experience seamless navigation by clicking on any box or element within the graph, instantly directing you and your team to the corresponding location in your Spec Document.



Quickly understand the impact of a change

Aggregation in Living Spec combines task priorities within your document's structure, providing you and your team with a consolidated view of overall importance and urgency. It streamlines priority management to help you focus on critical tasks efficiently.

This system appears in three key areas: (1) color coding of page feature chips; (2) color coding on the context graph; and (3) within page feature chips elsewhere in the interface.

In the future, Living Spec aims to enable you to adjust aggregation methods to suit your preferences, offering customizable formulas for tailoring the process to individual needs.

Ready to make quick, informed decisions to drive your projects or products forward? Explore Living Spec's Context and Aggregation Capabilities and unlock a new level of efficiency and clarity.

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