Living Spec's dashboards offer instant, easy-to-understand information precisely when you need it.

Whether you're monitoring product progress or simply staying current across all your endeavors, the dashboard delivers organized information across all of your Specs.

Living Spec Dashboards

Living Spec Dashboards

Navigating Your Operation Hub

Upon signing up or logging in, you'll be directed to your dashboard, providing a quick overview of essential sections like Spec Documents, Bookmarks, Pages, and Files. From there, instantly access more features such as context, saved snippets, searches, invitations, and notifications.

Explore throughout your workspace with a powerful search function, ensuring you stay in control of your data. Utilize quick-action buttons for document creation, importation, cloning, and replication, allowing for personalized experiences with easy access to settings.

This Living Spec feature is your gateway to tasks, spec documents, specs, resources, and more. Connect with our community on Slack, access documentation, learn about product features, and stay updated with our changelog, all right from the Dashboard.

Living Spec Documents Dashboard

Dynamic Documents Dashboard

Crafting Your Living Spec Experience Your Way

In Living Spec, Spec documents are dynamic collections that shape your project or product. Whether you opt for one document per initiative or several, our Documents Dashboard is designed to fit your needs:

  • The Documents Dashboard provides a snapshot of your workspace with personal and shared documents, serving as a direct access point when you're ready to work.
  • Efficiently find what you need with a powerful search and precise filters. Preserve your search criteria for future use, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
  • Customize your Documents Dashboard with Grid or List views and filter documents by status.

Discover how you can tailor your workspace to your workflow by exploring example documents and start maximizing your Living Spec experience.

Living Spec Tasks Dashboard

Exploring Living Spec's Tasks Dashboard

Find, Organize, and Successfully Complete Your Tasks

Tasks in Living Spec are a straightforward and robust way to track what needs to be done. You can easily find and mark tasks as completed from your Tasks Dashboard.

This Living Spec feature simplifies task management with a powerful search function, customizable filters, task grouping, and sorting. You and your team can switch between list and board views based on your preferences.

For assigned tasks, quick identification of the assignee is possible through profile pictures or initials, ensuring proper task allocation and progress tracking.

Living Spec Files Dashboard

Files Dashboard

Living Spec's File Details at Your Fingertips

The Files Dashboard in Living Spec ensures efficient file management by storing and displaying data systematically, making it easy to locate and acquire information.

Navigate from the main dashboard to the dedicated Files Dashboard for effective file handling. It includes a search function displaying the top 100 results and suggesting filters for comprehensive searches.

Create and save custom filters based on author, modification time, and last viewed for future convenience. Sort files by title, ownership, and date added to tailor the display to your preferences.

Switch between grid and list views for an enhanced user experience. Clicking on a file reveals details on the sharer and upload date, with the option to download, ensuring all necessary data is readily available.

Explore the Living Spec Dashboard, where every section is designed to elevate your project and product teams with a tailored, distraction-free experience.

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