Dynamic Pages

Dynamic Pages give you an alternative view of information that already exists within a Living Spec document.

Instead of replicating links to existing content for views such as a sprint plan or a milestone, you can instead generate a dynamic page from search results and filters.

Dynamic Page Filters

Filter Your Focus

Ready, set your criteria, and go

Dynamic Pages in Living Spec utilize the robust search feature to analyze your document based on criteria or filters, extracting information from existing tasks, pages, and files. This automates certain views within your Specs, reducing the need for manually maintaining duplicate lists.

Access the Dynamic Page pane on the right to set filters like keywords, tags, author, common parent, and more. This serves as your control center, allowing you to precisely capture the necessary details into a dynamic page within your Spec.

For a personalized and efficient search, adjust criteria as needed. Keep your searches for future use, saving time and mental effort. This ensures a well-crafted filter mix is readily available for quick dynamic page creation.

Dynamic Page Tasks

Tags for Precision

Maximizing Document and Personal tags

Living Spec's tagging system efficiently organizes data for Dynamic Pages and more.

At the Spec Document level, Document Tags categorize files, tasks, and spec documents with a shared set of tags across the team, helping the team consistently locate shared resources.

Living Spec also supports Personal Tags offering you individual customization and flexible categorization based on your personal preferences. Note that personal tags may be used in searches and dashboard views, but are not currently supported in Dynamic Pages. Currently Dynamic Pages are intended to contain the same information for all members of the team.

Living Spec Dynamic Page Sections

Organize with Sections

Shaping Information Display

In Living Spec's Dynamic Page, the Section feature lets you group your Dynamic Pages into sections, with a separate search and filter criteria per section.

For a session, assign a title, choose sorting preferences (alphabetical, last modified, etc.), select content types like Document, Page, Task, File, and Comment, and more.

Sections help you keep Dynamic Pages organized and efficient!

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