Email Parsing into Living Spec

🔥 📧 Our inbox contains a few needles in a haystack of noise. Sometimes you receive useful information in email content or as attachments.

You want to capture and store this information but don't need to waste time copying, pasting, and reformatting content.

The Living Spec email parsing service is here to help save you time!

Email Import

Send us an email

Target a Living Spec page

Each Living Spec page has a unique email address, found in the right side Page panel for any Living Spec page.

From any email client, send us your content including attachments.

Email Parsing

Your content gets parsed

We import and add content to your spec

The email message body gets added as a child page to Living Spec.

Inline and attached images get added to the page in Living Spec.

Email Attachments

Attachments included

Even nested images in Word and HTML documents

Attachments that we can parse (Word, PDF, CSV, HTML, Markdown, and Plain text) get parsed into child pages! Images within these attachments are retained, though some styling may get lost with the parse and import.

Other attachments get added as files that can be downloaded from Living Spec.

If you want to create a new Living Spec document from an email, forward it to the email address presented in the app. We'll generate a new document for you with the relevant content and attachments.

If you forward us an email from an email address we do not recognize, you need to send the message to an address matching a Living Spec page. Otherwise, we won't know with whom to share the new content.

We'll add more configuration options for how your emails get parsed in the future.

The Living Spec Email Parsing feature is already a huge time saver for Living Spec users. As with any new feature, we've put a lot of love into creating it though we're likely to be imperfect. Please send us your feedback or feature requests!

Bonus tip: Email a Google Doc to import it into Living Spec! Within a Google Doc, choose File → Email this File, then add the email address for your page, a title for the new page within Living Spec, and choose either HTML, Microsoft Word, PDF, or Plain Text as the export option.

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