Export Your Spec

Living Spec provides many amazing ways to understand and view the information in your Spec documents. Your data should not get stuck in a walled garden. We also cannot anticipate every way you might want to use your data and do not want to restrict you.

The Living Spec Export feature makes it easy to export your information to other systems to generate client reports, give team presentations, ensure compliance, or collaborate with partners outside of the Living Spec platform.

Level of Export

Document or Page Export

Choose the Level of Export

To export your Living Spec document, you simply click on the document title in the upper left corner and choose between the Export Document To or Export Page To option.

Exporting the Page will include just the content shown in the currently selected Page, whereas the Document will export all Pages linked within the current Spec Document. Any hidden or deleted pages without links from other pages will not be included. The order of pages is based on the traversal algorithm.

We still have some areas to improve with the export experience. Tasks, files, images, and iframe embedded content are not currently exported. Some styling and formatting is lost upon export. And feature chip links to other pages are not currently retained upon export. We will continue to evolve and improve the export experience, with additional information and control over content, order, and styles.

Export Formats

Choose Your Export Format

HTML, Markdown, PDF or Word

Living Spec currently supports several export formats including HTML, Markdown, PDF, and Word.

Each format currently exports roughly the same data, but not all formats can retain all the information originally contained within Living Spec. Try each option and decide what works best for you, or contact us to tell us where we can improve!

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