Feedback and Comments

Living Spec allows you to add comments and have discussions on tasks, pages, and content within a page.

Some forms of feedback are meant to be ephemeral, like a quick note to a colleague or a comment on a task. Others are meant to be more permanent, like a comment on a page or a document. Living Spec allows you to do both.



Quick feedback on content and tasks

Inserting a comment is the simplest form of feedback. Living Spec allows you to add comments to tasks, pages, and content within a page.

To view existing or add new comments to a task or page, select the page or task and click on the side toolbar to add comments.

Highlighting Content


Select content and add comments to it

To provide feedback on content within a page, simply highlight the text you want to comment on and click the comment icon that appears.

Once a comment is created, it will be linked to the highlighted text, making it easy to reference the context of the comment.

Resolving Feedback

Resolving Feedback

Closing the Loop on Feedback and Comments

Once feedback has been addressed, you can resolve it to indicate that the suggestions have been addressed.

Replying to a resolved comment will reopen it, allowing for further discussion.

If the original content to which feedback gets removed, the feedback can still be viewed and replied to. This prevents useful feedback from being lost.

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