Files in Living Spec

Living Spec’s Files feature helps you efficiently access, manage, and cross-reference files within the context of your spec.

Selected audio and image files can be previewed directly within a page, and audio and video files can be transcribed to text automatically.

Cross-reference files

Cross-Reference Your Files

Link files for clarity and streamlined reuse within a document tree

Cross-referencing files in Living Spec maintain an organized Spec document tree, ensuring a user-friendly document management experience. It prevents the risk of overlooking crucial project details, duplicating files, or unintentionally sharing different versions of the same file.

Simply mention files, as you would with pages and tasks, by typing # followed by the file's name in the Document Tree. This enables easy navigation between related files without needing to look elsewhere for related files.

Manage Files

Manage Files in your Spec

Insert, Remove, Replace, and Tag Files

Explore Living Spec's range of file upload methods available to suit your preferences. Add various file types, up to 50MB each, such as images, PDFs, MP3s, videos, and more, via:

  • Drag and drop
  • Copy and paste from your local or online file system
  • Press the New button and choose file
  • Attach files via email parsing for seamless integration

Enrich the context within your document by providing additional details such as descriptions, tags, and creation information.

When things change, you can also easily replace or get rid of files from a page or Spec using the backspace key or 'Remove' from the chip dropdown, keeping the file preserved. Save valuable time by updating a file once, automatically applying changes across all linked instances. Achieve document-wide consistency and accuracy with a single tweak across hundreds or thousands of sections.

File Previews

Maximize Your File Previews

Small yet impactful visual and auditory aid

Easily understand your files without diving deep into them, thanks to Living Spec's file preview, which offers a quick snapshot of your file from your document or Spec's content.

For recognized formats, including images and mp3 files, access resizable thumbnail previews. Use Living Spec's integrated audio player for mp3 files to preview and play audio content without leaving your current page. (Preview for formats such as PDF and Word is coming soon.)

Boost your efficiency with our AI features for speech-to-text , and start converting your audio files into written text. Ideal for quick transcriptions, extracting key information, and enhancing accessibility.

Stay updated on continuous improvement, including UI enhancements for file thumbnails, and expect support for PDF and Word previews, ensuring a more efficient user experience.

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