Import into Your Spec

Living Spec strives to eliminate all friction in getting your ideas into your Spec documents. We're just getting started towards fulfilling that vision, but we're already making it easy to import content from various file formats, email, or APIs.

Bringing in your data and work inside Living Spec is a straightforward process. You have the flexibility to upload content in various formats, including Plain text, Word (.docx), Markdown, CSV, PDF, and HTML.

If there are other formats you find useful or interesting, feel free to let us know, and we'll consider adding support for them.

Import from a File

Document and Page Creation

Importing your Content

Living Spec simplifies importing content to pages and creating new documents.

To import content into your existing Spec document, click New and choose Import Page. Decide if you want to add to the current page or create a new one. For a new page, name it in the pop-up and select your file with drag-and-drop or manual navigation.

For document creation via import, click New and choose Import Document.

Note that some aspects, like styles and images, have constraints, and only one file can be uploaded at a time. We're working to improve these features and welcome your feedback.

Import via Email or Inewgrations

Import via Email and Integrations

From Send to Spec

Quickly import content via email by selecting Copy Email Link in the Page toolbar for the current Page to send it to your existing Living Spec page. Choose to email with or without attachments (each file is limited to 25MB).

Upon receipt, we parse attachments, generate child pages, and insert recognizable content into your chosen Spec. For new document imports via email, send the content to [email protected]. Visit Email Parsing for additional details.

Email parsing also facilitates importing Google and Dropbox Paper documents. Download these files in compatible formats and email the attachment to your desired Living Spec page.

Task contents and Slack content can be imported and/or synchronized via our Integrations. Future integrations will expand the scope of import and synchronization.

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