Contextual Sidebars: Insights and Connections

🗂 📑 ✅ Living Spec makes it incredibly easy to connect related ideas. The contextual sidebars in Living Spec make it easy to discover more about the currently selected page, task, and document and define efficient workflows.

Contextual Tasks in Page Sidebar

Task Context

View task details within the spec context

Selecting a task shows details next to the current page, making it easy to update while retaining key spec details.

Navigate to another page and leave the task open. This makes it easy to update other portions of your spec with a reference to the selected task.

Beyond the typical task details (assignee, status, comments, etc.), visualize the other spec sections connected to the task.

Page Insights

Page context

Insights about the current Page and its connections

View details about the current page. Get an email address to support email parsing.

Find a quick index of all the pages, tasks, and files connected to the current page and connected pages.

Quickly update related tasks and visualize the connections between the current page and the overall spec document.

See the big picture

The Big Picture

Relationships, aggregated status, and much more

Observe and filter or search all tasks, pages, and files within a spec document

Visualize the relationships within the spec, gaining further insights into your product.

Quickly share the document with your team, or enable a public view.

Bonus tip: Living Spec makes it incredibly easy to focus on a narrow set of work, or view an entire product spec, or any layer in between. The information architecture and approach is controlled by you, allowing you to adapt the needs and scale of your team.

Living Spec makes it easy to traverse your spec and find essential details while focusing on what matters most to you currently!

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