Integrations in Living Spec

As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. Our bi-directional integrations are a simple way to add extra powers to Living Spec and the other powerful products already in your workflow!

Connect quality products together seamlessly rather than trying to force every feature into a single product.

Integration Friends

Friends in High Places

Target a Living Spec page

Living Spec currently offers integrations with Asana, Basecamp ToDos, GitHub issues, Jira issues, Linear, Pivotal Tracker, Shortcut tasks, Slack and ClickUp tasks. Figma is next on our list.

We’re constantly looking to enable other integrations based on your needs, so if there’s a service you’d really like to see added, just let us know!

Import and/or bi-directionally sync your tasks with Living Spec Documents, or forward Slack messages to any Page within a Document. Our Integrations are all based on collecting and synchronizing the most important information.

Entropy from Chaos

Bringing Order to Chaos

Even when entropy happens

Whether you’re a Living Spec newbie or a weathered veteran, Integrations give you the ability to import new and existing content from your current services into one easily searchable location.

Without Integrations, sharing information across platforms can be fraught with human error or manually copying and pasting. Our Integrations manage the synchronizing complexity and present you with an easy-to-manage experience.

Integration Configuration

Integration Configuration

The easiest task on your to-do list

We get it – you've got enough on your plate today. Setting up an Integration shouldn’t be another difficult task.

Simply log in to the Living Spec web app and choose the Integrations tab using the side navigation to set up an integration. From there, it's as easy as selecting your service and following the steps to authorize access and configure your integration.

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