Search and Saved Search Criteria

Living Spec encourages you and your team to collect and capture ideas, which can evolve into large projects or new products and systems.

As your documents grow, we ensure that no detail is hidden or falls through the cracks. Whether navigating complex structures or searching for specific tasks or files, our powerful Search feature empowers you to quickly find information across documents, no matter how simple or complex they are.

Living Spec also allows you to save search and filter criteria for reuse throughout the platform.

Multiple Search Options

Locating Information

Multiple Search Options

There are various ways to conduct searches in Living Spec. Initiate a search for documents, specs, tasks, files, and more by clicking the search icon in the top right corner of the app or using the keyboard shortcut cmd-shift-k or control-shift-k, depending on your platform.

Additionally, apart from the main dashboard, the search functionality is also seamlessly integrated into other areas, like documents, tasks, bookmarks, files, and snippets. This ensures you can locate what you need from any context of the app without feeling disoriented.

Custom Search Filters

Search Filters

Enhanced Precision and Easy Customization

Living Spec's Search Filters improve the precision of your searches by utilizing tags given to pages, files, tasks, and documents. Tags enable easy categorization and retrieval of items, which can be organized and aggregated into Dynamic Pages.

Simply click on the Search Filters icon located to the right of the search icon. A search filter window will appear, allowing you to narrow down your search using criteria such as tags, author, last modified by, last modified, and last viewed, with the option to select a specific date range.

Efficient Search Management

Saved Searches

Efficient Search Management

Saved Searches in Living Spec streamlines your search experience by allowing you to store and reuse common search and filter configurations.

Standardizing your search criteria ensures consistency in your real-time searches, leading to more accurate and relevant results. Once you've created a filter you're satisfied with, simply hit the Save Search button.

You can access your saved searches quickly from the left sidebar or directly within the search interface, eliminating the need to recreate complex search queries.

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