Sharing Beyond Limits

In Living Spec, sharing is not just about distributing documents; it's a gateway to seamless collaboration.

Our Sharing Feature allows you to capture and grow your ideas, as well as work on projects effortlessly while maintaining control over who can access and edit your content.

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Permission Overview

Granting the right access in various scenarios

In a project or product management setting, team members, including external key partners, often play diverse roles. Living Spec empowers you to customize permissions for each collaborative document tree, ensuring that collaboration aligns with your workflow. Choose from three permission levels:

  • Reader: Provides view-only access.
  • Collaborator: Allows users to contribute and edit content.
  • Admin: Grants full control, including permission management.
Collaborate with ease

Collaborate with ease

Invite via email

With Living Spec's Invite User capabilities, you can easily give access to users you want to collaborate with or keep informed on specific documents via email. Without stepping out of your document, you can now manage email invitations with the following:

  • Link Sharing: Share a quick entry link with your preferred collaborator via Slack or any preferred communication tool after inviting them via email.
  • Revoking Invitations: Track and manage invitations with the ability to swiftly correct mistakes by deleting any pending invitations if needed.
  • Invitation History: Keep tabs on when each user was invited for streamlined collaboration tracking.

Note that email invites work with Living Spec's Account Fusion, allowing you to easily invite someone via any known email address they have added to their account!

Sharing via Link

Sharing via Link

Open invitation links to streamline acceptance

By creating open invitation links on Living Spec, you'll save time inviting collaborators. Whether an invite was lost in a spam filter or you're simply ready to share your document with a user via Slack, Shareable invite links have you covered.

Shareable links offer the same permission options as email invite links. Links can be connected to an email or be available to anyone possessing the link.

Open invitation links automatically expire after 30 days, providing an additional layer of protection. Rest easy knowing that this feature isn't just about streamlining collaboration; it's about prioritizing the privacy and integrity of your shared content.

Collaborate with ease

Optional Public Sharing

Keep everyone updated

Living Spec documents also offer an optional read-only public view.

By enabling public view access, you can share valuable information from your Living Spec document with a broader audience. The read-only access feature ensures that users can view, but not edit, the shared content. This is ideal for sharing reports, educational resources, or announcements while maintaining control over the integrity of your documents.

Public Metadata

Control over public metadata

Choose your privacy level

Living Spec provides control over which metadata you share about a document without the user necessarily having access.

By default, Living Spec hides all metadata, but this can be inconvenient when sharing several links at once in an environment like Slack or social media, which attempts to provide a title, description, and preview of the target link.

By enabling the sharing of metadata for a document, Slack or other social media services will show a more informative preview of the document title and page details, making it easier to know what's behind the shared link. But only with your consent.

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