Snippets in Living Spec

✄ Smaller than full example specs, Snippets are short reusable chunks of content.

Highlight content within a page and save it to a snippet, or create a new snippet within the snippets section.

Share Snippets

Share Snippets

Save your team time and increase consistency

Snippets can easily be shared with other users. Similar to how documents get shared, simply choose users to invite as admin, moderator, or reader roles.

Readers can view your snippet and insert a snippet into any of their Living Spec documents. Users will have the latest version of your snippet, or can clone your snippet to create their own derivative version.

Moderators can collaborate with you on your snippet. And admins can invite other users to collaborate on a snippet.

Example Snippets


Use Cases and Sprint Plans

The Living Spec team shares two of their most commonly used snippets to get you started.

Use case: Based on the Cockburn style use case syntax, this formal approach can be incredibly powerful in precisely defining what needs to be built and why and helps remove or defer objectives that don't solve the current crucial needs of your users.

Sprint plan: Agile sprint planning can be many things to many people, but this simple template can get used to create a quick overview of the current sprint and its progress. Note this is a general overview milestone snippet and could still be useful for people following Shape Up or other workflow methodologies.

Load and Save

Load and Save

Super simple interactions

To save a Snippet, simply highlight some text in a page (without a feature chip) and choose the Save Snippet toolbar icon on the left side of the floating toolbar. You'll then have the option to give the snippet a title and provide basic metadata.

To insert a Snippet, open a page in your Living Spec document and choose the toolbar item in the top right to insert a Snippet. This will provide a short preview of the snippet before putting it on your page at the cursor point.

To edit a snippet, visit the Snippets dashboard view and choose a snippet to edit. This will open the Living Spec rich text editor for snippets. From here you can also share your snippet with colleagues and friends and create new snippets from scratch.

Snippets currently have a few limitations. They cannot contain child pages or tasks or span multiple pages. For those use cases, you should consider our forthcoming document cloning options. That said Snippets are a substantial way to improve efficiency and consistency across your Living Spec collaborative tree.

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