Tasks in Living Spec

With Living Spec's Tasks Feature, you can easily create, track, and collaborate on tasks, all within the context of your Spec.

Some may say that if your task is not on a list, then most likely it's not moving forward. Today, tracking the things you must do with a physical pen and paper can work but might lead to scattered to-do lists and disjointed workflows, especially if you're not working alone.

Tasks with Context

Tasks with Context

The answers you need to view the bigger picture.

Tasks live within your specs, reducing the need to wander from window to window. With this connected context, you and your team can manage and interact with your tasks while staying within the context of your ongoing products.

Living Spec provides an aggregation system to prioritize your tasks and assess impact and risk, helping you to instantly digest information with a quick look.

You can customize search filters to suit your specific needs, and teleport from spec to spec by simply clicking on any box within the Context diagram.


Integrations: Your workflow, your tools of choice.

Improving your familiar tools

Instead of completely changing your workflow, let Living Spec adapt for you. Reduce friction in the way you work by connecting to your existing tools.

Living Spec integrates with many platforms such as Linear, Jira, Asana, Slack, GitHub issues, and more. For Slack users, you can start creating tasks directly from the platform using our integration bot or message shortcut.

Let us know your preferred tools and we'll direct our integration efforts towards getting them connected for you.


Dashboards and Toolbars

View all of your tasks, or tasks within a spec.

Living Spec's platform focuses on helping you ensure that no task or project detail goes unnoticed. From two versatile dashboard views – Kanban and List Style – to contextual and reference views within a spec, adapting to your preferred task management approach.

Within and beyond dashboards and toolbars, Living Spec's powerful search function simplifies locating specific tasks and project details. It also allows you to easily filter, group, and sort your tasks.

This customization empowers you and your team to quickly find what you need and stay organized, tailoring your product management experience precisely to your workflow.

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