AI Gone Wrong Part 2

You're facing another key deadline and ask ChatGPT for help. You're in a hurry, you didn't learn your lesson from last time. what could go wrong?

As we mentioned previously, Generative AI tools are becoming an increasingly important part of our everyday workflow. They can help us write better, faster, and more efficiently. But what happens when they go wrong? In this series, we'll explore some of the ways that AI can go wrong and one very important reminder.

Imagine your app is difficult to search and someone mentions the need to improve the search bar, and they task you with the job of writing a summary of how to improve the search bar.

You're pressed for time, so you ask your friend ChatGPT about the search bar. The answer looks great and you forward the results to your colleague as your own original work.

You again don't have time to read the results, but in your mind, you expect ChatGPT to return something somewhat useful like this:

ChatGPT Search Bar results

Everything seems fine, until someone reads the actual results, which are not quite what you expected:

Searching the Bar results

What Happened?

Earlier in the week, you and your partner had been planning for a party and thinking about how to make your home bar look as impressive as possible. You had been chatting with ChatGPT about organizing your bar, and ChatGPT was still in bar optimization mode when you asked about the search bar. So it ended up describing this:

Organized Bar

What's the Lesson?

We'll repeat from last time: Verify All AI Results. Generative AI can help you get work done faster, but you should thoroughly review and edit all results to make sure they're fully accurate. And you should probably use the results as background material and not as the final work you give to a colleague.

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