Living Spec at the CityJS London 2024

The Living Spec team recently attended CityJS London 2024 at the Royal Geographical Society.

A Booth to Remember

On the CityJS London 2024 conference day, Living Spec had its first ever conference booth, facilitated by Dylan Schiemann, our co-founder, and Leo, an avid Living Spec user.

Rather than a traditional booth, we opted for a more interactive experience, which became a hub of activity. Over 120 attendees stopped by to engage with our interactive QR code experience.

Our free emoji stickers were a hit, adding a touch of fun and personality to our booth. These tokens were more than just cute; they represented our team's playful yet practical nature.

Emoji Stickers

InSpeCtor Gadget: A Hands-On Experience

With Dylan's love of puns and Dad jokes, he introduced the booth as 'InSpeCtor Gadget', an interactive showcase featuring Dylan's hand-picked productivity gadgets from his collection, including the Apple Vision Pro, Neurosity Crown, Orba 2 by Artiphon, and several more. Our booth visitors experienced firsthand how these tools can boost productivity and transform the user experience (UX) and the way we think about creating software and interacting with data.

We believe that engaging with gadgets can be thought-provoking and inspire new product or project ideas. And Living Spec is the perfect companion to capture and harvest these ideas into reality. To showcase this, we drafted mini example specs of each device in Living which visitors to our booth could access.

Experiment with the Apple Vision Pro An Exclusive Offer

We also made a special offer to our SpecCer or SpecTacular subscribers who can receive a recorded video of their app on Vision Pro, for them to see how their app works and/or for their marketing purposes. Along with that, we can provide them with valuable feedback and access to a 30-minute Zoom call with our team.

This limited-time offer is our way of giving back to the community that has supported us. Check out our One Week with the Apple Vision Pro blog and Vision Pro Spec to learn more and get started.

Living Spec within a Vision Pro

Join Us and Try Living Spec

CityJS London 2024 was just the beginning. We invite you to join us at our upcoming events:

  • Phoenix Emerging Tech Group on May 16th: Step into the future with Dylan Schiemann as he discusses "Rethinking Application Experiences and Paradigms" in the transformative age of AI, spatial computing, and neural computing.
  • This Next Thing from 16th-20th of June in Pontresina, Switzerland: Experience an incredible retreat-style event for innovators and creators.
  • HalfStack Events: Celebrate the vibrancy of the JavaScript and web communities with us at HalfStack gatherings in Belgrade (September 6th), Vienna (September 13th), and London (November 13th).

Come see us at these events to experience Living Spec firsthand and discover how it can transform your workflow. Try Living Spec today and embark on a journey of innovation and productivity!

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