Turning Coffee Breaks into Breakthroughs

Have you ever had a casual conversation with a colleague that turned into a brainstorming session?

Usually, after these impromptu discussions, the parties involved return to their respective workstations carrying big smiles and fresh ideas that could potentially drive projects in the direction of success.

Or in the work from home world, they're the less formal parts of a zoom call or a Slack huddle. Or maybe the real world visit to a coffee shop or a walk around the block.

This is the magic of water cooler chats—those informal, spontaneous conversations that team members engage in to socialize, often during breaks. Apart from being outlets for reducing stress, these interactions can help generate creative solutions.

However, not everyone has the knack to maximize these simple yet powerful interactions. A study revealed that 32% of professionals struggle with communication, especially after an extended period of remote work. Consequently, teams may experience a slowdown in productivity upon returning to the workplace.

Or if you're working from home like the Living Spec team, you can improve the way you connect with your team with our guide on how to recreate the essence of in-person casual chats in a virtual setting.

Watercooler chat

Even though he works primarily from home, Living Spec CEO spends at least an hour per day in coffee shops having random conversations with friends and Living Spec users to recreate the magic.

Make these conversations work for you

If you're wondering how to make these conversations work for you, here are steps with Living Spec—your ally in converting chit-chats into actionable insights:

  • Step 1: Just in case you haven't yet, sign up for Living Spec and create a dedicated document to gather all your project ideas from these chats.
  • Step 2: Release your captured ideas in the form you're most comfortable with—text, images, videos, or even voice notes. My strategy? When inspiration strikes, I simply record my thoughts on my phone and effortlessly email these recordings to Living Spec for future reference and development. Bonus: If your file is below 25 MB, no need for manual transcription or third-party apps; Living Spec has you covered! No phone? No problem! If your mobile device isn't available, simply click the dictate speech-to-text button to capture and transcribe your ideas in your spec.
  • Step 3: Tag pages, files, tasks, and documents for easy search and grouping. Through our Dynamic Page feature, you can sort them by various criteria. And for fun, tagging them with keywords and emojis is something you can do. In a hurry? Scroll up and hit the bookmark button for easy retrieval later on.

Voice Notes Dictation

Capture, categorize, and repeat! Expand your thought map by adding more details and pages, or importing supporting files to customize the document to your preference. When ready, share the polished ideas from your coffee chat. It could be the breakthrough your product team needs.

Tags and Dynamic Pages

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