From Inception to Epilogue

Christopher Nolan's Inception, released in 2010, stands out as a thought-provoking film that explores the complexities of dreams and reality. This sci-fi thriller challenges traditional storytelling by blurring the lines between what is real and what is imagined.

While praised for its narrative and visual effects, this masterpiece can be intellectually demanding, often leaving viewers with more questions than answers.

That's where Living Spec comes in. It's designed to help you understand complex ideas and processes, making decision-making and workflow more efficient. Moreover, this flexible tool can help you plan and develop your own books, stories, movies, plots, games, and apps in a path that may feel more like Inception than a straight line by the time you're done.

Check out our Inception example within Living Spec to see how Living Spec can work for you.

Disclaimer: Living Spec is not affiliated with the creators of "Inception." Our example document demonstrates how Living Spec can help individuals and teams grasp elaborate plots and assist in product planning.

The Plot

The Plot

Inception follows Dom Cobb, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, a skilled extractor who specializes in stealing secrets from dreams. Despite his success, Cobb's job takes a personal toll.

The main story centers on Cobb's most challenging assignment yet: inception. He is tasked with planting an idea in someone's mind, which is considered impossible by many.

Unlike Cobb's seemingly impossible mission, planning your story or product in Living Spec is not only possible but also easy! Jot down your ideas, and as they grow, your document does too.

Convert sections of your Living Spec document into branching pages, maintaining clarity and organization. Plus, you can use speech-to-text or import content to enhance your Living Spec document.

Dream Layers

The Dream Layers

In the movie, dreams are shown as layers, with each one deeper and more mysterious. Similarly, as your product or narrative gets more complex, it can be hard to digest all the details and keep track of everything.

Living Spec's features, like Context and Aggregation, work like Cobb's journey through dreams, helping you grasp the big picture and the details quickly. This dual focus allows you to make smart decisions and take effective action, ensuring that your project or story is coherent.


The Totems

In Inception, totems are special objects that help characters know if they're in a dream or not. Each totem works differently in a dream than in real life. Cobb's totem, a spinning top, for instance, turns perpetually in the dream world but topples in reality.

Like these totems, Living Spec's Notification feature helps you stay alert, focused and on track. Living Spec lets you control alerts so you don't miss important stuff but aren't overwhelmed by too much information.

And get ready for something new: Drawing in Living Spec! You'll soon be able to draw diagrams directly in your documents, turning your big ideas into clear plans to help you and your team stay focused.

What’s Next?

To start planning your own stories or products:

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