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Tired of wasting time, money, and energy trying to bring your projects to completion?

Cut down on costs and save precious time by saying goodbye to miscommunication and wasted resources.

Living Spec is a platform designed to emulate the way your brain naturally processes information. It achieves this by leveraging powerful collaborative features, version history control, and integration capabilities. All in a highly flexible native type of document called a Spec.

Dylan Schiemann & Nemanja Tosic, co-founders

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Think, organize, delegate.

Rinse and repeat.

Update and restructure documents as your product grows while keeping a complete record of your process. Living Spec’s powerful version history feature lets you travel back in time to revisit any point of your product’s evolution.

Specs enable you to not only store information but also to reshape how your information is displayed quickly and easily.

Viewing tasks and documents in the Spec’s context makes it easy for anyone to have a clear overview of a project, or zone in on a specific aspect in seconds. Discover more about the currently selected element—whether it’s a page, file, task, or document—through the app’s contextual sidebars.

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of starting from scratch? Clone one of our cloneable specs built for various use cases in one click, find inspiration in our more creative example specs, browse open specs created by the community, or simply duplicate one of your own in one click.

Collaborative editing of a document

Give your team a collaborative brain in the clouds.

Miscommunication is the number one cause of delays and misunderstandings. This results in wasted time, energy, and money within an organization.

Tame teamwork by giving each person an easy and efficient way to follow or add to a conversation. Our bi-directional integrations help the whole team stay connected across departments and platforms.

Our flexible notification system eliminates unwanted notification noise by enabling each individual to choose how and when they wish to get notified. The differential views in the notification section of the app show everyone exactly the before and after results of each change.

Living Spec’s flexible and hierarchical tagging system lets everyone define spec or page-wide personal tags while also being able to create document tags available to anyone. Tags are searchable across accounts, making it possible to search all your specs at once.

Made a search you know you’ll need again in the future? Save the parameters so that you can come back to it and see updated results throughout your spec as your specs develop.

view of slack integration to copy message content into a Living Spec task

Let the app shape itself to your workflow.

By empowering each team member to shape their use of Living Spec in a way that fits their needs, you allow them to collaborate in the most efficient, intuitive, and creative way possible.

Power users can enjoy efficiency-driven shortcuts. Less tech-oriented users have access to a simple and intuitive interface.

Our snippets feature lets you save reusable text patterns. Anyone in your team can then create new data entries without unnecessary typing, while easily keeping a consistent format throughout your entire spec.

Do you have multiple work emails all related to the same business? Fuse your various email accounts using aliases so that they all point to the same Living Spec profile. Are you involved in multiple businesses, each with separate emails? Then add accounts to your Living Spec profile to have them each act as an independent user seamlessly without the need to switch accounts or browsers.

Use Living Spec's integrated AI features to boost your productivity to the max. These features can help you complete your thoughts, transcribe your ideas as you dictate them, or transcribe your recordings.

Have a quick question popping up in your mind while working on something? Chat with your spec-integrated AI assistant to receive quick answers on the go without needing to leave the app.

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