Search Customization and Control

When working on a big project or storing data, quickly locating your digital resources, such as documents, specs, notes, or files, is crucial, especially as your work gets bigger and ideas evolve.

Having experienced this frustration firsthand, we understand that navigating information can be tricky and frustrating. A recent survey revealed that 47% of the respondents find their company's digital organization system challenging to navigate. Meanwhile, 30% of Gen Zs have even considered leaving their jobs for this reason.

Living Spec can help, offering you and your team a search experience that's not just effective but intuitive —designed to simplify your process and make work feel less like a chore.

Many Ways to Search

Our search approach goes beyond simple file retrieval; it's about effortlessly reconnecting you with your work. For example, you can enjoy a main search bar in the upper right-hand corner. This is your handy ‘search assistant’, accompanying you throughout our app.

Do you need to find a document fast? Just use the search bar on your dashboard. And when you go to your bookmarks, tasks, or files, there's another search bar waiting to make locating easier for you.

But it doesn't stop there. Living Spec personalizes your search results, leveraging your recent searches and accessed documents and specs to offer a result set that's uniquely yours, enabling you to complete searches with a single click.

We often don't remember the name of what we're searching, but maybe we remember its relationship to something else. We make it easy to search by connections or links, so you can find what you need even if you don't remember the exact title.

Seeing Is Believing: The Living Spec Difference

Imagine this all too common scenario:

  • You receive a task assignment from a team member
  • Traditionally, after receiving the notification, you jump to the task management tool or app
  • You then check the design or content on another platform
  • Next, you look for more information and try to understand the content of a README in the source tree to gain more context, only to find out that it's outdated
  • You then search for updated documents on other third-party sites or within a closed ticket
  • You then set up meetings with team members to extract the information you need to start your task
  • After doing some work, you assign it for review, but the reviewer lacks the full context and returns it for fixes, leading to a repetitive cycle until all information is hopefully shared and understood

With Living Spec, it’s different:

  • You start working on an issue
  • All relevant information is right there within the spec—no tool-hopping, just follow the links to get as much context and depth as needed
  • If anything’s unclear, discuss it directly in the spec and update the spec in context
  • Finish the issue and get it reviewed within the same up to date context

Seamless, efficient, and with no context gaps!

Search Smarter

Search Smarter, Not Harder with Living Spec

Whether you're a project manager, product manager, researcher, or learning and productivity enthusiast, Living Spec's search feature, complemented by our tagging system, dynamic pages, and other functionalities, offers you a customizable and efficient way to manage projects and workflows.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Register for a Living Spec account.
  • Begin with any idea and let your document grow. No idea is too big or small for Living Spec.
  • Link ideas and concepts together.
  • Use the tag feature to keep everything organized as your document grows.
  • Customize your view with dynamic pages.
  • Access the search feature from anywhere, anytime, to find what you need quickly.

And if you're ready to take your experience to the next level, consider our SpecCer or SpecTacular plans.

Discover the difference with Living Spec—where searching better and customizing your experience to find all the information you need in one place is just the beginning.

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